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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back to School (back to flu and colds!)

So, we're back to school.
And we're back to flu and cold season.
And with it we become frustrated, scared, and very very annoyed.


These are tips based on my own experience and I have no training whatsoever in this field. So if you follow this advice and do damage to yourself - do not even attempt to sue me. You will face a dreadful bad luck (unless of course you forward a lot of chain letters including this newsletter to everyone on your mailing list and do a hula hoop dance in the rain for 23 seconds while wearing an orange hat).
Always use good judgment and check with your doctor or certified herbalist or reliable sources before you decide to take or not take any medication or action or herb or natural remedies. Bla bla bla...


Click here to read the best advise for singers that I found so far written by Dr. Francoise P. Chagnon, FRCS. It was written on 1997, things may have changed since then. Some of the information is not very comforting, but it is the truth.
Some information about colds and other vocal health issues is available here. I love licorice and it works wonderful for me - but it doesn't work for everyone and may not be healthy for you.
If you are a natural-remedies freak - you may like the blog Superior Vocal Health written by David Aaron Katz, singer, nutritional consultant, Herbalist and Reiki practitioner.
Take care and remember to cherish the days that you are vocally healthy - and practice :-)

Would love to hear what works for you (and what doesn't) - you're welcome to leave comments!

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