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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vibration, Resonance and Bi-Noises by Lamperti

From Vocal Wisdom:
Maxims of Giovanni Battista Lamperti

Vibration, Resonance and Bi-Noises

Always remember that what "goes on" above the throat are illusions no matter how real they may feel and sound.

At the same time, observe that these illusions of the senses of touch and hearing are the only proofs that the throat is functioning normally and efficiently.

The more evident the sensation of resonance in the cavities of head and mouth, the better the "placement" of voice.

The more ringing the sound of vibration in the bones of head and mouth, the better the production of tone.

Both resonance and vibration must finally "take possession" of the cavities and bones of head, mouth (and in low tones the chest) and be permanently resident there.

Many times the bi-noises of the voice are inevitable.

Those caused by phlegm, emphasis, emotional effects, declamatory exclamations, aspirated emission, exaggerated pronunciation, etc., should not prevent the vibration and resonance of the voice from filling head and mouth and in low tones the chest.

Bi-noises do not "carry" and are unnoticed by an audience, if the succeeding resonance is rich and the following vibration ringing.

Vibration and resonance can cover a multitude of noises.

If preparing to sing does not straighten you up like a soldier, some essential part of your anatomy is not taking part.

While objectivity predominates, this feeling begins at the feet.

When subjectivity rules it commences in the head.

Giovanni Battista Lamperti was an Italian singing teacher and son of the singing teacher Francesco Lamperti. Free scores by Giovanni Battista Lamperti can be found in the International Music Score Library Project or you can purchase them online here.

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