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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sch (r) shh br (t)

Christian Friedrich Daniel SchubartA couple of a weeks ago we had a musical evening / party: Philosophy with Schubert/Sherbet and I had the pleasure of adding more shhh bb rr and t, by singing Schubert's songs to texts by Schober and by Schubart. While I was never too impressed with Schober, I did become intrigued with Schubart, a poet and composer who seems to have had a very colourful personality (and a big mouth). Then, the following day, in one of those great "coincidences" of life, I just came across this beautifully inspiring quote of his, who summarized the introduction of Max Spicker to Franz Abt's Practical Singing Tutor, Op. 474:

...and will close our preface with Schubart's glorious tribute to song: "Song is indisputably the first Article in the whole art of music, the axis around which revolves all that is called melody, modulation and harmony. All instruments are mere imitations of the singing voice. Song sits as a king upon his throne, while round about all the instruments bow as vassals. The human voice is in the nature of things the primitive tone, all other voices in the world being but a distant echo of this divine first voice. The human throat is the first, purest, and most admirable instrument of Creation!"

Just don't mention it to the pianist...

If you can't view the video, click here.

"Die Forelle" (score and additional information available here)
Text: Schubart
Music: Schubert
Piano: Julius Drake
Voice: Ian Bostridge

Free score of Practical Singing Tutor, Op. 474 by Franz Abt (what kind of a name is Abt anyhow?) is available in the International Music Score Library Project, where you can read the rest of the introduction (quite inspiring and informative) and get more ideas for healthy vocal exercises, or purchase it online here.
Would love to hear what works for you or what doesn't. Please leave your comments below!

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